Welcome To The FarmMed Market Blog

Welcome To The FarmMed Market Blog

Welcome to the FarmMed Market blog, where we will discuss issues, benefits, and news surrounding the natural food and wellness product industry. As you may already know from visiting our online marketplace, we specialize in providing people with both natural and organic brands of the highest quality — at wholesale prices? Why have we done so? Maybe we believe that everyone should have affordable and easy access to healthy foods. Maybe we think health foods and natural products should not be exploited for their worth. Or maybe, we just love bringing you high-quality foods straight to your doorstep. Regardless of the reasoning that you have determined that we do what we do, we are happy to bring you health and wellness products that can make a positive impact in both your life and the lives of the ones around you.

In today’s blog post, we will briefly discuss the FarmMed Market, as well as some common terms that you might run into while inspecting the packaging of our wonderful health and wellness products.

What Is The FarmMed Market?

If you have had the time to visit our about us page on our website, you know that we are extremely against the artificial products and applications that have been increasingly more prevalent in our foods. Substances like Sodium Nitrates, Trans Fats, Hydrogenated Oils, BHA & BHT, High-Fructose Corn Syrup, Modified Food Starch, Aspartame, and others can now be found in almost anything that you take off of the shelf at the grocery store. Why do companies do such a thing? Well, to increase their bottom line.

Luckily, there are brands that have taken the pledge to fight against the impurities in modern foods, meaning there is still hope. Because of these natural brand’s fight to preserve healthy food, we saw it fit to take it upon our brand, the FarmMed Market, to manufacture and distribute natural foods, products, and supplements.

It is our mission, as a health and wellness product company to maintain the integrity of the products that we sell and distribute. Not only do we try to only sell products that lack harmful substances, but we also aim to provide our customers with organic, gluten free, dairy free, GMO-free, kosher, vegan, and yeast free products so that we may tailor our inventory to any dietary restrictions that they may have, whether they be because of allergies or lifestyle choice.

Now that you know a little bit more about us as a company, we would like to discuss some of the terms that we just discussed regarding dietary restrictions so that you, as a customer, can be better informed about what you are purchasing from our natural health and wellness products store.


While the word organic does not in any way refer to, or relate to, dietary restrictions, we see it fit to quickly define what an organic product is. After all, we have a ton of organic health products in our store.

According to the United States Department Of Agriculture (USDA), in order for a product to be considered organic, it cannot be grown in soil that has had an application of a banned substance like a pesticide or weed control that could potentially be harmful to the consumer's health.    

Here at the FarmMed Market, as a natural health and wellness product provider, we believe that consumers should at least have access to organic products. Because of this, all of the organic health and wellness products that we sell are clearly marked on online in our store. Check out our organic products today.

Gluten Free

Gluten, as described by the Celiac Disease Foundation, is a generalized name for the proteins that are found in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale. Gluten acts as a binding molecule that almost helps the food maintain its shape and structure.

May people have Celiac Disease, an immunodeficiency that causes them to break out in rash upon ingestion. In addition to being allergic to gluten, some people find themselves to be intolerant to the proteins. Because of this, the FarmMed Market offers a multitude of clearly marked gluten-free health and wellness products online. Check out our gluten-free products today.

Dairy Free

A dairy-free product is NOT the same thing as a lactose-free product. While a lactose-free product will be without lactose (a sugar found in dairy that some people are intolerant to), dairy-free foods are free from all milk-based ingredients, ranging from lactose to whey to casein to milk fat. Because of this, dairy-free foods are often utilized in vegan diets.

Whether you have dietary restrictions as a result of an allergy, or a dietary choice, the FarmMed market is here to ensure that you can find all of the health and wellness products that you need online. Check out our dairy free products today. 

Yeast Free

Yeast is a type of fungus that is used in the process of creating baked goods and alcoholic beverages. Because yeast is technically a fungus, some people are allergic to it. According to Medical News Today, people’s allergy to yeast may cause gastrointestinal problems, making it incredibly important for people with yeast allergies to find high-quality, and low-cost, yeast-free goods.

At the FarmMed Market, we clearly label our natural health and wellness products that are yeast-free in an effort to help our consumers that have a yeast allergy or hypersensitivity. Check out our yeast free products today.


According to the Institute for Responsible Technology, a GMO or genetically modified organism is a result of DNA alterations in a plant or animal where the desired trait from another species or variant is placed in the DNA of the other. GMOs make it easier to grow crops, but people are uneasy about them as they are unnatural. Soon enough, GMOs will be required to be labeled in the supermarket, but until then check out our GMO-free products and other wellness product online.


While veganism is not a food allergy, but rather a dietary choice, we here at the FarmMed Market still see it as a necessary dietary restriction to acknowledge. To be vegan is abstain from consuming, or using products, that are made with, or at the cost, of animal products.

If you are vegan and are looking for animal-free wellness products online, we urge you to visit our online marketplace. Additionally, if there are vitamins or minerals that you are not able to access via your diet, be sure to check out our health supplements online.


The word kosher, according to Kosher Certification, means more than responsible food preparation. Additionally, kosher products cannot include the products of certain animals. To find a full list of kosher rules, click here.

At the FarmMed Market, we offer clearly marked kosher products because we understand and respect the dietary restrictions of all religions and cultures. Check out our kosher natural health and wellness products online today.

So Why Shop The FarmMed Market?

Here at the FarmMed Market, it is our goal to provide our customers with fresh natural health and wellness products ranging from food to sports nutrition to bath and beauty products to children’s products to pet care supplies and household supplies at their doorstep.

We urge you to visit our site today and shop for health and wellness products online in the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions about our health and wellness products please don't hesitate to contact us and ask. We wish you a happy and healthy shopping experience.

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